Reiteran en Hidalgo regreso a clases no presenciales el 24 de agosto
Faltan detalles para el regreso a clases no presenciales en la entidad.
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Reiteran en Hidalgo regreso a clases no presenciales el 24 de agosto

Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo.- De acuerdo con las autoridades federales, los estados serán quienes determinen el regreso a clases presenciales cuando sus semáforos estén en verde. Mientras tanto, el 24 de agosto será el retorno virtual.

El Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE) en Hidalgo respaldó las medidas de la SEP federal para el nuevo periodo.

En la entidad, el arranque del ciclo 2020-2021 en nivel básico será a distancia el día 24 del presente, por lo que será reactivada la estrategia Mi Escuela en Casa.

Dicho esquema fue implantado por la Secretaría de Educación Pública de Hidalgo (SEPH) al cierre del curso pasado, debido a la jornada nacional de sana distancia y el aislamiento preventivo.

El miércoles, la SEPH indicará el mecanismo para llevar a cabo las inscripciones y reinscripciones.

Cabe señalar que, durante esta contingencia, han sido instauradas estrategias para dar continuidad a la gestión administrativa y otorgar atención y servicios a la comunidad educativa estatal, lo que seguirá realizándose.

Asimismo, como parte de las acciones previas al inicio del próximo año educativo, el personal docente, directivo y de asesoría técnico-pedagógica se fortaleció con herramientas basadas en las Tic´s que provee Google for Education.

También, de manera articulada fueron capacitados los profesores de la entidad en competencias digitales para maestras y maestros del Sistema Educativo Nacional.

De acuerdo con lo establecido por la federación, las cátedras iniciarán el día 24 de este mes a distancia por no haber condiciones sanitarias. Las presenciales solo serán cuando el nivel de alerta esté en verde.

La estrategia federal se apoyará con las cadenas Televisa, TV Azteca, Imagen y Multimedios; mientras que para quienes no tienen acceso a ese medio de comunicación habrá un esquema radial, así como atención especial, cuadernillos y libros de texto.

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    The steroid binds to the receptor and is carried to
    the nucleus of the cell where it instructs the cell
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    Dihydrotestosterone is a metabolic byproduct of testosterone
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    The distinction between completely different steroid
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    There are also a set of medication known as Corticosteroids that are sometimes
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    use for performance-enhancement.
    The first steroid invented for efficiency enhancement was called Dianabol Methandrostenolone (Methandienone/Metandienone).
    Each sports activities organization which adopts this "Code" can also be answerable for the enforcement of it by way
    of drug testing and penalties for non-compliance. Rather
    than itemizing each banned drug one by one, they record complete drug classes and name certain drugs solely as
    examples. Performance enhancing drugs may be added and
    deleted from the record by WADA more or less at will- nonetheless not all the specific banned substances are named
    A steroid is an natural compound with a chemical structure consisting of four connected cycloalkane rings
    alongside linked to other functional teams of atoms.

    Measurements must be carried out throughout am hours, since they're
    on their peak levels. This test is not particular for the type of enzyme that
    is elevated.

    Tried to get my testicular perform back over 1.5 years of cold turkey,
    tried every little thing and I by no means regained
    even reasonable levels of free check again. My endocrine system for
    pure check manufacturing is screwed endlessly. When the brain stops producing LH the testicals dont produce
    testosterone. When the cells that produce testosterone go dormant they start to die.

    The only approach to forestall atrophy is to prevent the testicals
    from shutting down. Use testosterone production stimulants all through
    the cource of deca use to forestall the testicals from shutting down fully.
    In mild of the above proof, it becomes apparent that we must take preventative measures
    to keep away from this testicular degeneration. Besides,
    with hCG being so available, and such a painless shot,
    it makes you surprise why anyone wouldn’t use it on cycle.

    One time period that's critical to know is testosterone
    secretion capacity which is synonymous to testicular sensitivity.

    Dude on the finish of my block had a very good life, home (in Vancouver $$$),
    Harley, pickup, street rods, household, etc but additionally needed to
    be big so was on full time. For the last 12 years I actually have suffered from a torn and herniated disk.
    It just isn't serious enough to qualify for surgical procedure but
    it has prevented me from squatting, running, jumping, and so on.

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